Tag: sustainable certification

10 Apr 2019


The South Oracle (TSO) is once again a pioneer in promoting self-consumption with solar energy through PPA in Spain. Despensa San Nicolas, a company from Jaen, has relied on TSO’s experience to become the first company to sign a solar PPA in the organic food sector in Spain to produce its organic eggs, characterised by […]

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18 Mar 2019

ECO20® certificated by ECA Grupo Bureau Veritas

TSO’s ECO20® seal already counts on the certification by ECA Grupo Bureau Veritas. This seal is the only seal that guarantees the 100% solar origin and the CO2 emission reduction of self-consumption solar energy.   TSO, The South Oracle again achieves a milestone in its roadmap as a company specialized in solar energy and, this […]

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26 Feb 2018

“ECO20® made with solar energy” – Differentiate your products with sustainable certification.

The final customer decides what is being sold. The power of the consumer who is increasingly concerned about sustainable and ethically produced products cannot be underestimated. In this way it is the consumer who has managed to get some supermarket chains to withdraw eggs from cage-bred hens, that more and more organic food can be […]

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