Optimized Solar Repowering

Repower your solar photovoltaic power plant through smart predictive maintenance

What is OSR

OSR (Optimized Solar Repowering) is a software that allows us to efficiently locate defects in solar modules by using recognition algorithms of thermographic, electroluminescent and visible images. It then permits to propose a repowering of the solar plant that always achieves maximum performance.

OSR is protected by Spanish patent application P201730710, property of TSO, The South Oracle.

Project Co-financed by CDTI and FEDER. Budget of € 235,064.00. Project execution deadline: 21 months.


We get the maximum profitability for your solar plant

Repowering of solar plants

At TSO, we recover the optimum performance of solar plants by means of a proposal for repowering based on smart predictive/preventive maintenance.

The aim is to ensure maximum performance along the lifetime of the installation and extend this lifetime as much as possible. Photovoltaic modules suffer defects that lead to lower performances than predicted. Besides, if the plant is over 10 years old, these defects are no longer covered by the warranty.

Our smart repowering method, OSR, leads to optimum solar production at minimum cost.

Detection of defect solar modules

Repair, or, if applicable, substitution of defect solar modules

Relocation of modules for optimized repowering

Defects in solar modules

The following graph depicts the main deterioration mechanisms in solar modules and the main defects in the different stages of a module’s lifetime: early-stage, mid-life and phase-out.



Analysis and inspections

Smart maintenance (predictive/preventive and corrective)



Improving and updating of installations

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