26 Feb 2018

“ECO20® made with solar energy” – Differentiate your products with sustainable certification.

The final customer decides what is being sold.

The power of the consumer who is increasingly concerned about sustainable and ethically produced products cannot be underestimated. In this way it is the consumer who has managed to get some supermarket chains to withdraw eggs from cage-bred hens, that more and more organic food can be acquired on large areas, and that there are whole ranges for gluten-allergic, and all this, at an increasingly affordable price for most people.

To give the consumer peace of mind and confidence, the products carry a certification that certifies the sustainable, ecological, fair or free production of certain substances.

Thus, in the case of organic food, there are different seals according to the country where organic production was certified, for example the EU Organic Bio Logo, Ecocert, CAEE (Andalusian Committee for Organic Farming), Bioland, Sophiscert and Demeter among others. The beamed spike (ELS) or “FACE controlled” certifies gluten-free products. And, in the case of cocoa, are several certifications such as Fair Trade (Fairtrade), organic certification (IFOAM), Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified (Sustainable agriculture).

The purchase, and hence the sale, of certified sustainable products is growing, and a continuation of this trend is expected in the coming years, or even an increase at a faster rate.

Major brands have to adapt to consumer behaviour and the trend towards sustainable, ecological, social and ethical. For example, last week, the chocolate company Rittersport has announced that all its production will be based on sustainable cocoa. And for their sustainable and social policies they have been awarded the German Sustainable Enterprises Award 2018.

What connection do these sustainable, ecological and ethical food certificates have with the TSO solar kit and our “ECO20 ®: Made with solar Energy” certification?


A certification is a written guarantee, granted by an independent certifying agency, which ensures that the production process or that the product complies with certain requirements established by different organizations or countries. This makes it possible to differentiate the products with certification from others.

With the Certification “ECO20 ®: Made with solar energy” it is guaranteed that during the production process much of the energy used is 100% of solar origin. The independent body that gives the certification in this case is an entity accredited by ENAC and as “ECO20 ®: Made with Solar Energy” is based on the Guarantees of Origin, it is the own CNMC (National commission of Markets and Competition), which proves that certain electrical energy used in the production process has been obtained from the Sun.

When the consumer buys products that carry the “ECO20 ®: Made with solar energy” certification, it can be calm that in the production process, solar energy has been used, which our ultraflexible photovoltaic solar panels (PSFU) generate. Therefore, the final customer knows that it acquires more sustainable products and that the carbon footprint of the food it obtains in a supermarket is lower compared to that of another; Since in its production process it has been used renewable energy, coming from the sun. Consumers responsible for the environment, in this way, are confident that products with “ECO20 ®: Made with Solar Energy” reduce the impact on the greenhouse effect. That is why companies have, at the end, a certification that differentiates them as a sustainable company and committed to our planet.

What’s more, if the external agents and customers, of the companies where we have installed our Solar TSO kit, want to check firsthand that it is actually occurring with solar energy, our information screens ratify, at all times, the energy Generated with photovoltaic solar panels.

In our autonomous community, the agri-food sector plays a fundamental role, and so our first steps are being given in this área. Soon, consumers will be able to find food certified with “ECO20 ®: Made with solar energy “and among all we will not only socialize solar energy, but make this planet a better world. We will be happy to advise you on TSO The South Oracle: Contact.