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31 May 2018


Last march 20th, CDTI decided to participate, including ERDF funds from the European Union, in the OSR project (Optimized Solar Repowering), which is promoted by TSO based on its PCT/ES2018/070362 patent, which was awarded a triple A in the State of the Art Report of OEPM. OSR consists of a software for the optimized repowering […]

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20 Mar 2018

Self-consumption and solar energy.

The solar self-consumption allows to produce a part (or the whole) of the electric energy for its direct consumption in our house or business, through solar panels. Since October 9, 2015, with the publication of Royal Decree 900/2015, this type of green energy production, and its electrical consumption, is a legal and profitable alternative, while reducing […]

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26 Feb 2018

“ECO20® made with solar energy” – Differentiate your products with sustainable certification.

The final customer decides what is being sold. The power of the consumer who is increasingly concerned about sustainable and ethically produced products cannot be underestimated. In this way it is the consumer who has managed to get some supermarket chains to withdraw eggs from cage-bred hens, that more and more organic food can be […]

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19 Feb 2018


On Friday, February 16, TSO awarded a present of 15,000 euros in electricity. At the annual dinner of the Association of Property Managers of Seville (CAFS), attended by more than 140 property managers, there was a happy winner, to whom TSO will install a Solar Photovoltaic Kit “S” at the location of his choice. Along the kit’s lifetime, the winner […]

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14 Feb 2018


Energy management is increasingly penetrating businesses and office buildings, as well as agri-food installations. The seek for energy efficiency is a question of cost savings, but mainly of an environmental consciousness. Among the saving measures and improvement of energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energies play a key role, even though up until now they are […]

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23 Nov 2017

At the 1st Workshop of Local Governments

Together with the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, TSO presented its PSU patent and the ECO20 seal for municipalities at the 1st Workshop of Local Governments, which took place in Seville from 23rd to 25th of November. At the event, TSO and the Chamber of Seville promoted among the more than 150 attendees from four [...]
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02 Nov 2017

Training on photovoltaic self-consumption at CAFS

Our vision at TSO is to innovate to open new markets for solar photovoltaic energy. To that end, one of our key goals is to socialize this energy, i.e., to make it accessible to everyone on every market. Therefore, after the annulment by the Spanish Constitutional Court, last May 25, 2017, of Article 4.3 of […]

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15 Sep 2017

Presenting PSU at the EU PVSEC 2017

The TSO team participates for the eleventh year at the international conference on photovoltaic solar energy EU PVSEC, one of the world’s most relevant scientific events. This year the conference took place in Amsterdam, and TSO presented its new patent PSU to the scientific community, with a great success as a very close-to-market product with […]

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11 Jul 2017

Agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of Seville

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville and TSO have signed an agreement of commercial co-operation to develop the products CFV and PSU, as well as the ECO20 seal, property of TSO. This way, the Chamber of Seville will co-operate in the promotion and diffusion of the solar installations designed by TSO and of the certification […]

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19 Apr 2017

Finalist at Cleantech Camp with PSU patent

Among more than 50 projects in Spain and Portugal, TSO’s PSU patent has been selected as one of the 14 finalists of the Cleantech Camp 2017 program. Cleantech Camp is a program supporting entrepreneurship in the field of clean energies with the goal of making the projects become real businesses. Solutions with high impact potential […]

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